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Surf and Yoga Ecuador Style!

Our boutique Surf and Yoga studio in Ecuador, provides a first world experience of professional, bilingual instruction, comfort and equipment. We  offer all guests a first world experience  without sacrificing an ounce of authenticity. Enjoy a Surf and Yoga experience where you can feel at home, while having the adventure of your life exploring your own self empowerment and challenges in with our original Surf & Yoga Course, Classes and Retreats. 

Our daily Yoga classes make it easy to drop in for a day or sign up for a week or month pass. Classes are diverse, ranging from Yin Gentle Stretch, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga and our house specialty Yoga for Surf Balance Challenge featuring: slackline yoga, aerial yoga and Indo balance boards.

Surf lessons in English & Spanish with professional quality, clean equipment. Each class is progressive and builds on a series of exercises. Learn how surfing works in a step by step, safe and awesome class! A safe and effective method to teach beginners how to surf. Challenge and empower yourself! Surfen Ecuador.

Experience the zen of surfing in our 3 day Surf & Yoga course designed to compliment the methods of focus, breath and a moving meditation in both the water and on land! Experience yoga and surf techniques unique to Betty Surf & Yoga, Ecuador.

Mind, Body, Surf!

Betty Surf and Yoga is a boutique surf and yoga studio in Ecuador for men, women, couples and family groups. Challenge your limitations and redefine your potential with our 3 day Surf & Yoga Course
Surf Ecuador! Yoga Ecuador!