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Surf and Yoga Ecuador style!

Our boutique Surf and Yoga studio in Ecuador, provides a first world experience of quality bilingual instruction, comfort and professional equipment. The beachfront studio makes for a beautiful setting and easy access to surf! 

Our morning Yoga classes make it easy to drop in for a day or sign up for a week or month punch pass. Classes are diverse ranging from Yin, Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga and our house specialty Yoga for Surf Balance Class featuring: slackline yoga, aerial yoga and Indo balance boards.

Experience the zen of surfing in our 3 day Surf & Yoga course designed to compliment the methods of focus, breath and a moving meditation in both the water and on land! Surf lessons are offered for beginners at low tide to provide a safe and calm learning environment to build skills. Classes are progressive with exercises to complete per class.

Group travel

The surf camp  women, men and families love is designed to keep you active and entertained, with beginner surfing lessons, yoga classes, Spanish lessons, thrilling tour activities, and more! Customize your own surf camp   and build it your way today! (Minimum 4 people) Customize your own private or travel group now for the surf camp in Ecuador that people love.

Volunteer Groups

The surf camp women, men and families love is designed to work with volunteers at the Los Algarrobos Grammar School. Volunteer teach and be a part of our Community Surf and Yoga Project. You can learn to surf and volunteer this year in Ecuador!Contact us for more information.

Make your next vacation a Surfcation!

Betty Adventures is a boutique surf and yoga studio in Canoa, Ecuador.  We’re all about empowering the adventurer within you! Challenge limitations and redefine your potential. Surfen Ecuador!