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Surf Ecuador | yoga and surf retreats | Betty Adventures

Head Betty Patricia White

My name is Patricia White and I moved to Ecuador 5 years ago, working for a tourism based NGO, creating Volunteer rural community programs focused on community development and environmental conservation with children of Ecuador. It’s been an amazing, life changing experience and designing international travel projects has lent a strong foundation for setting up all of the Betty Adventures. My experience managing international travel programs has allowed me to envision a distinctive niche for women in the travel industry. Creating Betty Adventures and living in Ecuador have been the biggest challenge and adventure I have lived.... so far.


The Betty Surf and Yoga Retreat represent a synthesis of adventure sports, yoga and international travel. We've created an exhilarating opportunity to participate in a healthy and balanced travel experience. The combination of Yoga and Surf, help focus and train the energy of one's being towards balance, tranquility and a form of implied mediation that comes from being present and focusing wholly on a physical challenge. Yoga is an obvious way to limber up as well as strength train for any sports endeavor and also provides an excellent cool down at the end of the day to alleviate soreness. The focus of the camp is directed at both the body and the mind. The objective is to encourage and strengthen one´s vision of self through healthy, conscientious living.  It is my goal to endow each participant with a stronger sense of awareness and physical conditioning by providing challenges that leave one with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, while at the same time enjoying the essence of doing so in an exotic international location.

Mostly we want to take the intimidation factor out of trying new things, reminding everyone of that fear is nothing in the face of fun!

Above all, the point is to have an invigorating new adventure with a comfortable group of friends, doing all the things you love best and maybe a few you’ve never tried. Kicking back with a few umbrella drinks beach side isn’t a bad way to end a hard earned week with Betty Adventures!

Community outreach opportunities

Our yoga and surf retreat and camps are crammed with exciting activities, including a half day of volunteer work with the local kids. I initiated the local Kid's Surf Program in Canoa as a means to give back to the sustainable aspect of the developing tourism in Canoa, specifically revolving around surfing. This small fishing village is turning more towards tourism as their take decreases each year, it is the future and as such we hope to provide a means for the up and coming generation to be a part of that future.

Yet another reason to feel great about being a part of Betty Surf & Yoga this year!

Personal growth, professional guidance

The Betty Surf & Yoga Camp, along with our Mountain Adventure, is designed to foster within you a healthy vision of yourself both as a woman and as a global citizen. Led by an experienced American guide who’s lived in Ecuador for years, your experience will combine the thrill of adventure sports with the tranquility of yoga and the fulfillment of community outreach.
Surf Ecuador | surf camp women | Betty Adventures