Ecuador Yoga Classes

The beachfront yoga studio offers daily drop-in yoga classes in Canoa, Ecuador. You can find this week's class schedule on our FB page link. Our yoga instructors are Yoga Alliance certified teachers with RYT or ERYT (1000 teaching hours) certification. We feature new guest teachers every season and always offer the following classes at our outdoor yoga studio in Canoa, Ecuador. 
  • *Transformative Life Skills & Meditation- The following classes open with a brief, meditative breath exercise focused on connecting breath with mindfulness and a present mind. We work to discover a  capacity for meditation and often feature meditative excercises (both active and passive) throughout our yoga practice including: rhythmic breathing, sound meditation, active and passive meditation. Understand how to engage the parasympathetic nervous system to maximize one's potential, regulate emotional well being and create balance.
  • Yin Yoga-  is a slow-paced style of yoga  with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Learn to play your edge breathing through moments of distraction and discomfort as we target the ligaments, fascia and tendons in this deep stretch class that disciplines the mind to sit in stillness through discomfort (physical and emotional). A great way to start the week fresh and direct our attention to the present experience closing with a short guided relaxation.
  • Gentle Vinyasa Stretch & Flow- is a dynamic practice connecting breath to movement, beginning with opening sun salutations followed by stepping into poses or asanas. This series includes a short balance  session and also targets the core body and muscles that support the back, moving through our flow at a calm and unhurried pace. 
  • Vinyasa Pow!  is a dynamic practice weaving together the union of mind and body through breath as we challenge our movement toward one motion one breath. This is a power class moving through many asanas or poses featuring building strength, endurance and powerful balance poses.
  • Yoga for Surfing Balance-  A fun way of taking yoga out of the studio environment and applying it in practical way to every day life. Learn how to utilize controlled breath (pranayama) and focus (Drishti) to engage the parasympathetic nervous system optimizing our potential in challenge situations. The studio is set up with various balance stations to practice: slackline yoga, Balance board yoga including Buddha's Surfboard and aerial Yoga (part of the 3 day course). Yoga for Surfing! Yoga for Life
  • Aerial Yoga Classes- Learn the basic hammock wraps in our fun aerial flow featuring inversions to decompress the spinal column and heart opening with our backbend assist series.
  • Private Classes- Patricia White (Educator certified teacher with over 1000 teaching hours) offers private classes for individuals, small group or private tour groups. With advance notice Patricia is able to develop a class series of asanas, or poses, tailored to address your needs as individuals or a group.
  • Life Coaching Classes- offered by our YA certified instructor and Yogini Gina Schultz to help get you back on the path to wellness and positivity! (available June- October or via Skype)
*Niroga Institute course on Dynamic Mindfulness TrainingRead  more about our 3 day surf & yoga course

Mind, Body, Surf

Take your Yoga out of the studio and find practical application in the challenges of every day life! Yoga for Surfing! Yoga for Life! Practicing mindfulness everywhere! Developing consciousness and awareness are part of our mindful living in the yoga studio, in the water and on the earth!