Family Surf Lessons

Reserve your private family group surf lessons today! Celebrate the joy of learning to surf with the entire family in our 3 Day Surf & Yoga Course. Surf Lessons for adults and kids featuring soft top foam surfboards and special kids classes along with the yoga for surf balance class that challenges the whole family to learn the basic yoga breath and drishti focus together. A fun and divers course offers balance stations featuring slacklines, Indo balance boards, aerial yoga and meditative visualization explaining the basics of "how surfing works".

Kids Surf Group
Kids explore their yoga balance poses on the water stepping through the basics of surfing on Day 1 and experimenting through a series of our unique balance challenge exercises while surfing. A fun way to keep the young surf students focused on lessons and learning with a challenging edge, pushing their potential and having fun!*note- kids under 9 require the presence of an adult guardian during class.

Adult Classes
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