Rio Muchacho Organic Farm Yoga Retreat

  Taking Yoga off the mat and into sustainable living!
If you love ORGANIC & YOGA this is the yoga retreat you've been looking for!
MAY 12, 2016

The Río Muchacho Organic Farm Yoga Retreat has an incredibly unique itinerary integrating farm activities with meditation practices including learning Dynamic Mindfulness Skills, Mindful Eating, Eco-Meditation, Sound Meditation, Exploring Creativity and more. Nestled in a small valley on the coast of Ecuador, the farm is a living model for discovering and implementing practices of permaculture & sustainability in a zen oasis. Featuring yoga instruction from Patricia White (Betty Surf & Yoga), we now have the opportunity to offer this peaceful organic haven as a base for our Winter Yoga Retreat 2015. 

Patricia White, owner of Betty Surf & Yoga will be leading the meditation and yoga classes along with offering participants an additional full day of Yoga for Surfing and Surf Lessons. Rio Muchacho Farm will be hosting the retreat providing informative discussions on sustainability, community development and local culture along with trekking into the jungle on horse and by foot.  Retreat guests have an opportunity to enjoy the peace of the countryside, the local culture, fresh organic food and sustainable living while exploring and evolving their meditation and yoga practice. The farm has accommodation for up to 50 people curious about how to relate to the earth in a rejuvenating way and curious to evolve their own yoga practice as part of a beautiful and enriching experience.


  • Welcome grass meditation mat
  • 3 organic, vegetarian meals served per day 
  • Transportation to and from Canoa
  • Daily sunrise meditation 
  • Daily Yoga classes with yogini Patricia White 
  • Informative discussions on sustainability and permaculture
  • Participate in the Artisanal Crafts workshop using locally available resources
  • Participate in Raw Foods Processing from locally harvested goods 
  • Exotic Hikes 
  • Horseback Riding

Farm ActivitiesOrientation discussion on sustainability and farm tour, feeding animals, reseeding in the forest, food preparation, making artisanal chocolate from cocoa seeds, artisinal crafts from locally found resources, watering in the gardens and farm, planting

Mediations- guided by Patricia White
Begin to awaken & discover the quality of your breath and capacity for meditation as we feature short guided, active meditations throughout our farm activities featuring rhythmic breathing, active and passive meditation 
  • Dynamic Mindfulness Skills- discover the simplicity of mindful presence, breath and movement as a means to meditate. These techniques developed by the Niroga Institute are a powerful application of mindfulness practices for creating and managing internal environments for wellness. Builds effective tools self-care as well as enhance your stress resilience, attention control and emotional regulation.  Dynamic Mindfulness is viewed as a cost-effective front-line prevention and intervention strategy for physical and behavioral health, education, and violence prevention.  
  • Walking Meditation- Remaining present with your mind and body becoming fully aware of the here and now.
  • Art of eating meditation. On the plane of the mind, consider for a moment all of the people involved in bringing this food to you and, on the level of the soul, consider all the conditions necessary to have created this food. As we spend a week living and eating from the table of self sustainability.
  • Wholistic Eco System Meditation- explore your connectivity to nature and discover our divine nature as a part of our ecosystem. The rhythms of nature, and the inevitable way nature unfolds, also tend to be representative of situations in our lives and the challenges we often face. 
  • Creativity- Exploring what is present with an open sense of curiosity without needing to change anything.  
Yoga classes- led by Patricia White
  • Yin Yoga- Learn to play your ‘Yin edge’ breathing through moments of distraction and discomfort as we target the ligaments and tendons in this deep stretch & release class. Begin to use your breath to take you deeper into your practice physically and mentally.  Discipline the mind and body into stillness and breath. A great way clean the slate and start the week fresh by directing our attention to the present experience closing with a short guided relaxation.  
  • Vinyasa Stretch & Flow- A gentle vinyasa practice featuring a short Yin warming of energy, followed by a brief vinyasa flow from which we step into our asanas. Closing with a relaxin stretch and guided meditation.  
  • Aerial Yoga I & II- Learn the basic hammock wraps in our fun aerial flow featuring inversions to decompress the spinal column and open the heart with our supported backbend hammock series.

Add-on Betty Surf & Yoga Course

Extend your retreat for 3 days at the beach. Learn to surf in Ecuador with the 3 Day Betty Surf & Yoga course for $95. 3 hours of daily surf & yoga classes, taught by Patricia White. Featuring our specialty Yoga for Surf Balance Class. Includes all quality professional surf, balance and yoga equipment.  You will be riding waves and sunshine before you know it! Includes:  3 hours of daily surf & yoga classes, equipment and photos. 
Read more about our 3 Day Surf & Yoga course here.


May 12-16 2016
  • $350
  • 4 Night Retreat 
  • Pickup Thursday @ 3:00 in Canoa
  • Drop off Monday @ 5:00 to Canoa


Organic Farm Yoga Retreat

Bringing Yoga into Sustainable living

Bringing yoga and Dynamic Mindfulness into practical application in every day life challenges. Weaving together the beauty of eco conscious living and Yoga! Yoga for sustainable living!

Patricia White EYRT Yoga Instructor